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Roe at 40: Looking Backward, Looking Forward

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Check out my post on RH Reality Check!

It’s probably not entirely surprising that folks in Congress are trying to make it nearly impossible for young women to obtain abortions. But it’s worth talking about. I recap what’s going on in a new post on RH Reality Check…check it out.

“Rare” is the wrong benchmark

Nick Kristof’s recent article in The New York Times describes some of state-level attacks on choice. If you’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed by all that’s going on, it’s a great summary of the incremental approach to dismantling Roe we’ve been seeing nowadays.

But then Kristof concludes:

The best formulation on this topic was Bill Clinton’s, that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare.”

And that’s where Kristof gets it wrong.

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Real quick: All the aspirin you want, ladies!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to really soak in Rush Limbaugh’s obsession with Sandra Fluke (and the sex lives of women everywhere)…now’s your chance.

And if you think this is just one man talking about just one incident, you’re wrong. Sexism in our media and in our communities is very, very real. It’s just so rarely captured so bluntly on YouTube.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go see a radio host about some aspirin.

Pro-choice wins: Not just Jon Stewart’s doing

In the past couple weeks, something unusual’s been happening in the pro-choice world – we’re actually winning. Yep, anti-choice initiatives like the ultrasound legislation in PA and VA are either failing to advance or, in the case of the Blunt Amendment this week, being defeated outright.

And that’s on top of Komen reversing their policy on Planned Parenthood funding and firing their VP of Public Policy, Karen Handel, for spearheading such misguided efforts.

What gives? (Not that I’m complaining). Have we hit the pro-choice inflection point where people are beginning to pay attention?

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Angry about that panel? I’ve got news for you.

It is understandably ire-provoking that Thursday’s hearing on birth control coverage featured zero birth control consumers. That women would be blocked from testifying on a panel concerning an issue that impacts them uniquely tells you what the debate is actually about: shutting women up.

So it speaks volumes that the ensuing media conversation about a lack of female representation in the contraception debate has featured…a lack of female representation.

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About this birth control brouhaha

It’s easy to get upset over politicizing breast cancer – an issue that (albeit erroneously) has been regarded as an apolitical cause. And it’s easy to rest on the laurels of women’s health advocates’ successful campaign against Komen’s Planned Parenthood policy.

But there’s a bigger problem that all of us – regardless of political leanings – need to get behind right now. And that’s the issue of no-cost birth control.

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